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..from a drawing of a cheetah to a company..

"One day I drew a cheetah, since then I can't see the world outside of it." -Karolina Eljasz, boss of the company "spotted design".
It is one of the few cats that cannot hide their claws, which is why they are printed in the company's logo in CMYK colors. After many years of Freelance (contact with graphics and website design from the age of 13) Karolina Eljasz (earlier: Szumowska) dared to register her services in Norway, from that day, i.e. July 7, 2020, the company has its organizational number and just starting business in the world . "Grafisk Szumowska", because that was the first name, has been active since then, in Norway on Hommans vei 33b, which was then the company's headquarters and in Poland at street Jana Kazmierza 68/91, 01-246, in Warsaw, which is still is one of the company's offices. On October 1, 2020, the organization expanded its activities to include other countries such as: France, England and the entire American continent. In France, Nice, on Avenue Emile Henriot 57, at this address, at present, is the company's headquarters. However, in England and America, the services so far operate online. The current address in Norway is: Blektjernveien 31, Drammen.

...and now 'spotted design'


Initially, the company was called: "Grafisk Szumowska", but for the sake of cooperation and working people, it ceased to be a one-person company, on January 5, 2022, it changed its name to "spotted design". The name means -spotted, because the  spots has the mascot of the company - cheetah. Design is related to every field we propose.
Every person working and cooperating with "spotted design" has skills in the field of graphic design. Currently, we offer services in the field of the entire 2D, 3D, www, art and partly architecture. The entire offer can be found in the "about" -> "offer" section.

Our goal is to create real projects from your graphic dreams. "Your dream with graphics", the quote that appeared in the company's banners is still valid.